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Say Goodbye to your business profile website -Google pulling the plug!

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January 19, 2024
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Are you a small business owner who relies on Google’s Business Profile website to attract customers and showcase your services? Well, get ready for some major changes because Google is pulling the plug on this beloved platform. In a shocking move that has left countless entrepreneurs reeling, the tech giant has announced plans to discontinue its Business Profile websites, leaving many scrambling to find alternative solutions.

For years, Google’s Business Profile website has been a go-to tool for businesses looking to establish an online presence without the hassle of building and maintaining a standalone website. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Google Maps and search results, it provides a convenient way for businesses to connect with potential customers. But now, as the sun sets on this once indispensable feature, business owners are left wondering: what comes next?

Google has announced that websites created using Google Business Profiles will be deactivated in March. After this, customers trying to access your website will be redirected to your Business Profile until June 10. After that, visitors will receive a page not found error.


Impact on small businesses: Losing online visibility

As small businesses face the daunting prospect of losing online visibility due to Google’s decision, the impact cannot be underestimated. No longer being able to rely on a business profile website means potential loss of valuable customer engagement and reduced brand recognition. This shift could force small businesses to invest more heavily in search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing strategies to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive landscape.

The lack of online visibility may also result in decreased website traffic, leading to a decline in sales and revenue. Small business owners will need to reconsider their website design and content strategy to ensure they remain accessible and engaging across different platforms. Ultimately, the loss of online visibility due to Google’s actions underscores the importance for small businesses to diversify their digital presence beyond dependence on any single platform or tool.

Google has released the following information with some tips:

  • Domains that end with business.site and negocio.site will be removed from the website field on your Business Profile in March. We recommend that you update your Google Business Profile to point to a new website.
  • Other than that, your Business Profile won’t be affected. When customers visit your website made with Google Business Profile, they’ll be redirected to your Business Profile instead.
  • If you don’t have a website made with a Google Business Profile, the changes discussed in this article won’t affect you.

Your Options After Business Profile Website is Removed

Businesses who wish to uphold their website are required to construct a fresh site using different methods. Subsequently, they must then modify their Business Profile with the new site URL before the specified time to facilitate a seamless changeover. As for the alternative methods, Google has recommended utilizing one of the subsequent platforms for constructing a new business website: Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Shopify, or WordPress.

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